Terms of Use
These Terms of Use will be applied to all relations between L-POINT(the Firm) and Members of the Site (Members) in terms of Point Service L-POINT(the Site) that is operated and provided by the firm.

Article 1 Changes and Scope of Terms of Use
The firm will, through the Site, announce any terms, which be considered a part of these Terms of Use.
The Firm may, through the Site, without receiving approval of the Members, may make any changes to the Terms of Use, including changing pricing terms.

Article 2 Members
Members are defined as users who have agreed to Terms of Use, followed application procedure on the Site to complete user application, and become registered Members.

Article 3 Password Management and Liability
Members may not disclose or sell their ID and password to third parties.
Members are solely responsible for the management and use of the ID and password, and must pay for any debts incurred by it use.
If a Member suffers damages through use of the ID and password by a third party, regardless of cause, the Firm and Program Providers to the Site have no liability.

Article 4 Report of Changes
Members must promptly report or update their Member Information in the event of changes to address, specified bank, credit card number, credit card expiration date, or any other categories reported to the Firm.
The Member is liable for compensation for damages if he/she is negligent in report of changes, which result in damages to the Firm and Program Providers to the Site.
The Firm is not liable for any damages to the Member through his/her negligence in report of changes.

Article 5 Members Personal Information
Firm will not convey or disclose to third parties member's personal information, with the following exceptions:
as necessary for operation of the Site, authorization of L-POINT purchases at affiliated sites, court order.

Article 6 Provision of Service
The Site provides only the services and programs that the Firm can provide at any given time.
The Firm reserves the right to change services provided and content of the programs, including deletion,
through display on the site, without approval of the members, at any time.
The Firm reserves the right to temporarily stop or cease service on the site due to regular or emergency maintenance,
disaster, natural disaster, or any other reason, without prior notification.
The Firm may, with 30 days prior notice, stop the Site, at the judgement of the Firm.
This Announcement of Stoppage will be announced through this Site or any method.
At point of Stoppage, Point Balances in accounts will be refunded to bank accounts specified.
However, if there is no bank account specified, points will not be refunded.
The Firm and Program Providers to the Site will not be liable for any damages due to delay, suspension, or stoppage in service of the Site to Members or third parties.
Members, in use of the content, must judge the reliability, accuracy, completion, merit etc. of the content, and agree that they use said content at their own resposibility and risk.
At this Site, Registrees can receive "Notifications" and "Mail Newsletter" via email.
With the confirmation of Registrees, said emails may contain advertising.
This Site reserves the right to implement increases in service with the confirmation of the Registrees or by announcement via other methods employed by the Firm.

Article 7 Prohibition of Transfer of Service
Member are prohibited from any of the following:
-transfer, in whole or part to a third party
-transfer data related to the provision of service on the site
-go beyond the scope permitted by the prescribed procedure of the Affiliate Sales system
-commercial use by themselves or third parties.

Article 8 Warnings about Information Registration
Members are prohibited from registering information and contents of the following nature to the Site.
-in violation of law or public decency
-that leads to criminal behavior
-that will infringe on other Members or third parties' copyrights, business secrets, publicity,
or other financial rights, or will infringe on human rights such as reputation, privacy etc.
-that will slander or damage Members or third parties
-that will interfered with the smooth operation of this site

If a Member, through use of the Site, inflict damages on another Member or third party,
said Member must resolve at their responsibility and at their own expense, with no damages to the Firm or Program Providers.
If a Member violates this article and brings damages to the Firm or Program Providers, the Member will be charged for the damages.

Article 9 Deletion of Inappropriate Registered Information
The Firm reserves the right to delete any information or content, with no prior notification to the Member,
any content registered to the site that is deemed to be in violation of Article 8,
hat is deemed to be in violation of Article 8,or has possibility of being in violation of Article 8.

Article 10 Usage Fees
Members must purchase points to receive service at this Site.
Fees for Point Purchase are according to the Price Sheet.
Points purchased will be deducted based on services used at affiliated sites.
The point validity period is six months from the purchase date.
Please note.

Article 11 Payment of Fees etc
Usage Fee payment to the Firm may be made by the following:
- Payment by credit card
* Credit settlement agent substitutes for our credit settlement on behalf of our company.
   We will pay based on the credit card company's credit card issued by our approved credit card company.
* When credit card companies, financial institutions, etc. have stopped using the specified credit card or
   payment account, Points can not be purchased.

In the case of a dispute between a Member and a bank, the Firm has no responsibility, and must be settled between Member and bank.
In any case, points will be issued after receipt of funds.
No matter what the case, payments will not be refunded.
Also, points purchased will not be refunded.

Article 12 Withdrawal from Membership
Member may state his/her intent to withdraw, and withdraw from membership according to procedure stipulated by the Firm.
(A dedicated page has been prepared)
Upon withdrawal, any remaining point balance will be nullified.
After withdrawal, it cannot be rescinded.

Article 13 Cancellation of Membership Etc.
The Firm reserves the right to temporarily halt use of an ID, or to a cancel Member status without prior warning or notification under the following circumstances.
-false data in Membership Application
-public statements in violation of this Site's Terms of Use
-inappropriate use or manipulation of entered information.
-inappropriate use of ID or password
-violation of these Terms of Use
-use of this Site in illegal acts
-any cases where Member is deemed inappropriate by the Firm
Upon cancellation, no refund whatsoever of fees paid.
Settlement of point balance will be settled by consultation between Firm and Member.
However, only points acquired through affiliates will be open to settlement, points purchased will not be refunded.
If Firm suffers damages through Member actions as outlined above, Firm may seek compensation for damages from Member,
even after stoppage of ID or cancellation of Membership.

Article 14 Jurisdiction
In the event of dispute between Firm and Member(s) the the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction.

Enacted 1 October, 2011