About Member Registration
When you sign up for L-POINT Membership, the LPEG Coding will create an ID for each PC, so in the event of a PC crash, you can transfer the viewing rights for LPEG Videos to another PC.
However, this assumes that you have backed up the videos themselves.
WARNING:after a given period of time, you may not be able to re-download.

L-POINT may purchase items with L-POINT at L-POINT affiliated sites.

How to register
You can register from here.
Please enter your date of birth, email address, nickname, login ID, password.
Changes can be made after Registration.

L-POINT Members may purchase items with L-POINT at L-POINT partner's sites.
L-POINT can be purchased with a credit card.

Points, once purchased, may not be refunded.
Points may be purchased on the Members Page.
The point's validity period is six months from the purchase date.

Forgotten your ID or Password?

About Your Account Information
We will use the member and authorization information for the following purposes:
1. Invoice of Purchases
2. Services provided by this company and affiliated companies.
3. Information to confirm member identity.
4.Statistical data with personal information obfuscated.
We will not use your information for purposes other than above without your permission.

However, we will make exceptions in the following circumstances.
1. Court Order
2.To protect life, limb, and property, when it is not possible to receive the permission of the member.
3.To improve public safety and to promote the wholesome upbringing of children, when it is not possible to receive the permission of the member.
4. When legally compelled by national or local government, or agents working under their request, and the act of asking the permission of the member will interfere with the performance of their duties.

Other regulations
Please see the Member Terms of Use for more information about Member Account Regulations.