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firm name:L.A.B Co., Ltd
English :L.A.B Inc.
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Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act
Sale PriceDescribed on Each product page and payment page.
Regarding points, we have 1 pt = 1 JPY.
However, in the case of dollar denomination, please understand that it is not 1 pt = 1 yen due to the exchange rate and the fee.
Shipping costs and expenses incidental to purchase
(Transfer fee · cash on delivery fee etc.)
Please bear the fee of the transfer · card at the customer's expense
Timing of payment and method of paymentPayment by Advance Purchase Point
Timing to get goodsImmediately after payment (DL or Granting points)
Conditions related to returnsAs a general rule we will not accept it
Business nameThe above (Card will be described as "LiveLPEG")
Business hours /Inquiry reception time
Closed holiday, etc.
Inquiries are accepted from the inquiry form.
In principle weekday day(AM9:00~PM6:00 Japan Time)
Response at the time of defective product / damageWhen DL failed, it can be re-DL for 60 days after purchase.