About watching LPEG Videos
All Videos for PC with LPEG codec are delivered on the premise of playback under D-PLAYER installation. Please be sure to install D-PLAYER.

D-PLAYER operates on Windows 7/8/8.1/10. (no Mac or UNIX at this time)

Scrambling is applied to Videos when playing Videos obtained by copying etc. Please note.

Download D-PLAYER, which supports VR+1D, below.

*Videos can be played also with WindowMediaPlayer, GOM player, etc. if D-PLAYER is installed.

After installation of D-PLAYER, your PC must be recognized by the website.
Access the site through the Information Window on the right of the Play Window when go to play a video.
If you are not yet a member register your account and login.
If you are already a member you must login.

It is possible to register from any video, but in order to make the process easier
we have prepared a Verification Video like you see above.
Download and play the video by pressing the button below and follow the instructions above.

*The data used to authorize your PC is generated automatically when D-Player is installed
and contains no personal information.

In the event you cannot click on the Information Window or cannot Register via the method above,
please download the Verification App below.
Download the file, decompress and run the EXE file and the Verification Window will be displayed.
Select Login or Register.